Who or what are we?


The Network comprises a varied group of people who are interested in the sense of smell - olfaction. Our group is principally concerned with mammalian olfaction, although insects are included where there is a link with humans or other vertebrates. Anyone interested in a wider field is warmly recommended to contact ECRO - please note, neither the old Warwick nor the ecro.de URLs linked on the old site are operational.


People from many different professions and backgrounds merely indicate their interest, usually by attending the annual Chemical Signals in Vertebrates, British Workshop, or requesting to be placed on our mailing list.


The web site was developed to make communication easier, and to publicise our interest-group. Indeed, we have visitors from all over the world. Much of the continuing development will depend upon the contribution from you, our readers, and those who attend the annual workshops.

The UK Semiochemistry Network was initiated in 1988 following Chemical Signals in Vertebrates V, the fifth in a series of major international congresses which was held that year for the first time outside North America, in Oxford. The principal outcome of the Network has been the annual British Chemical Signals in Vertebrates Workshop, which was and is much valued by participants on account of its informality and the welcome it provided to researchers in the field of vertebrate olfaction and chemical communication at all stages in their careers. Initiated and organised by Drs Eric Albone and Stephan Natynczuk at the Clifton Scientific Trust, the annual event continued until 1994, when developments in Stephan's career led to a temporary break in the series. However, in 1997 after a lapse of two years, Jenny Oliver and a group of others, including Eric Albone, were able to reinstate the Workshop series.